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Writed by: Bong Joon Ho. Tomatometers: 8,7 / 10 Star. Sun-kyun Lee. Countries: South Korea. Summary: Gisaengchung is a movie starring Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, and Yeo-jeong Jo. Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.






I love this guy. He really shows love when he"s taking about movies. All the people outraged over this winning best picture clearly haven"t seen the film and it shows. Thank you so much for this video and all your effort you put put in your videos, they are all awesome! Bong Joon Ho is absolute master and now with Parasite he finally has public attention he deserved all along. Hope he will win the Oscar. Perfect putting in words and analysis what I could grasp while watching this secuence. Here"s when I get proud of my studies as an architect, which gives us the capacity to analyse reality, how it is constructed, its rythms, its structure, its esence. Thank you for this video. I actually learned a lot.


The sister killed every scene she was a part of. I loved the actor so much. Just watched this last night. What a masterpiece. The A+ is well deserved. ParÃsito free movie downloads. I got so nervous every time he turns his head to the backseat lol. Parásito free movie theaters. I"m Korean and one of the details most foreigners(and even Koreans) miss to mention is that those families were never like that poor/rich all the way through their life! The rich family"s dad is introduced in several details as he started from the bottom - and became an icon for it(The term Ja-Su-Seong-Ga is mentioned repeatedly+His company is an IT/Tech sort of company which makes it more believable. In the poor family"s house, you can see several items/details where they were far more wealthier before(not super rich, but just better off in general) just that the poor family"s father had a failed business that lead this family into this poverty. Thoses family members aren"t incompetant at all. Dad has several great skillsets, mom was a national level athlete, sister is good at art, and the son is educated enough to teach the rich sub-poor couple"s husband even owned his own small business back in the day. You act like you were born with the class, in reality, you"re just stationed into a system. Capital hierarchy blinds you into believing the wealthy deserves of their own class while the poor believes the same, respectiong and admiring the upperclass. loads of casualty without any villans.

Woo-sik chois accent is crazy, cuz like its like hes so adjusted to both accents that you can hear him slipping into like full American accent and saying words perfectly and then you can hear the korean accent kick back in. This scene is a masterclass in film making. Bong Joon Ho was not the first director to do this of course but he film this scene to perfection which brought back memories of the golden era of Hollywood story driven movies helm by Spielberg, Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and Hitchcock. Hopefully, this will inspired a new generation of Hollywood directors to make better story driven film instead of CGI fest superheroes movie with plot hole as big as the biggest black hole in the universe. Best scene in the movie, the concussed lady throwing up in a toilet as it quickly cuts to the familys toilet erupting with sewage water almost like the pipes were directly connected.

I wanted more movie at the end. didn"t even notice it was 2 hours long. left me wanting more, honestly. amazing film. Who"s here after knowing Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars and now wants to watch the movie. Like for yes. This is one of the best movies i ever watched. Never imagine that korean industry could made movie better than most hollywood movie. 0:56 For some reason I love this shot. Parasite free movies. Could you do The Beauty of The Handmaiden. I could spend paragraphs picking it apart and explaining what makes it so good, but smarter people than me have already done that in length. All I can say is that this film deserves the hype and the praise, and has become one of my all time favorites.


After watching the movie in the theatere, I felt kind of depressed. It"s a masterpiece and I"ve been dreaming (and still am) about making movies like this. But here in Germany, especially as a woman being in that industry is so fucking hard. Being part of creating art like this one, is one of my biggest wishes. After exiting the theatre I just couldn"t help, but feel like them, stuck where I am now, with pressure everywhere, but no support. Not being able to do what you want or to be where you want is painful. I just didn"t understand the drugs part, why was it mentioned if it didn"t lead to anything.

Plz recommended me some movies like this one

To me this is like the saddest movie that I"ve seen. ??. I hear in the comment section that film won the Oscar, well deserved indeed. A lot of people are saying they should have had a translator, and I understand that, but I also feel like its not giving credit to their already very functional english. They switch to Korean when they need to. I think this method worked. Congratulations for winning best picture, best director, best Foriegn language film, best original screenplay in the 92nd academy awards????. Parasite free movies 123.

Where can I watch Parasite with english subtitles

I never knew the reason why Americans didnt watch foreign movies is because of the subtitles. forreal. Here"s an idea. Instead of talking about the 1% of negative comments, let"s talk about how amazing this movie was and how much of a genius Bong Joon ho is.
















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